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Today this little blog of mine is celebrating its 3 month anniversary. In some ways it feels like it’s been 3 years! Other days it’s like I just started. I’ll never forget asking Kori with Webtegrity, she helped me design my website, “what if I fail?” What if no one reads this? She said with certainty, “oh, you will fail with some posts. But that’s what’s supposed to happen so you can figure out your audience and their likes/dislikes.” I haven’t put much pressure on myself in terms of page views, etc. Basically I’ve been writing about things, places and people that interest me. That way it’s authentic and never feels like work. I can say I’m still as passionate (if not more) today than I was the day I excitedly released the blog!

I have gained insight into what you, the reader, are interested in hearing about from me. The top posts have been:

  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Soul Search features
  • Personal (real) stories
  • Anything San Antonio related (mainly food!)

So those four items are going to be my main focus heading forward. I will still cover Travel because that’s what truly makes MY soul flutter. Originally I thought that would be my niche. And I can tell my travel pictures are very popular on Instagram (@soulflutter…follow me!) But San Antonio is really where it’s at! (and where I’m at the majority of the time). There’s so much going on in this growing city and even more coming up. The food/restaurant scene is blowing up, which I attribute to the Culinary Institute of America being based here as well as The Pearl. And local business owners are the best and so welcoming to bloggers!

In terms of fashion and beauty, I will continue with more “tip” related features. I didn’t want to cover fashion the same way most other bloggers do. Not that I don’t love looking at a picture of a beautiful girl, in a trendy outfit, but my longterm background in the Fashion Industry allows me to provide insight in a more comprehensive manner. As for food, I don’t claim to be any kind of critic! I’m sure you can tell I’m not hard to please. I’m more interested in what’s new and hot with a good atmosphere!

Most likely I’m going to add a section for Art, as I’ve realized I have a major passion for the Arts! I love how it fulfills me so much without being expensive. And the one thing I think my “soul” is missing is volunteer work. In the near future I’m going to add a “Soul Sunday” feature where I will be volunteering my time. I’m thinking the San Antonio Food Bank is going to be my first stop.

In closing, I really just want to be THE PLACE you come after a long hard week. Where you remember “Carly mentioned a new restaurant, or a way to save money shopping, and I’m going to check it out too!” Let me do all of the hard work and you can reap the benefits.

I feel such pride when I get messages like “Just a little note to tell you how much I’m loving your blog! On our way to Cuba, we had a quick stop at Wynwood Walls, and I was able to quote you and tell the others on the tour all about it. We also went to Stella Public House based on your recommendation!” When a friend calls and says she specifically checked out Soul Flutter to decide where to eat during her Spring Break vacation. When a former co-worker writes, “I already owned the Wet Brush and I’m using the anti-frizz serum. I trust your review! Looking forward to the next one.” When two chic fashionistas confess they love my blog because it’s REAL. And countless other compliments. My soul is FULL and I’m following my energy. Can’t wait to see where this takes me next.

I can tell you I’ll be attending the Creative Counsel Conference in Austin on May 3rd. I’m super excited to meet and network with some of the BEST bloggers in the state! I’m hoping to improve my photography skills (I can only do so much with an iPhone!) and learn their tricks, while also keeping my writing and style authentic.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have suggestions for future stories. I’m always open to new ideas!

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Living with soul,

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