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If you blog, Instagram, or just follow trends you’ve most likely seen pictures of the Wynwood Walls in Miami. It’s a selfie paradise that I knew I needed to check out in person, so I planned a 3-day trip around it! When I arrived into town I had intended to spend my entire first day exploring Wynwood and the walls. But Mother Nature had other plans! It was pouring down rain. I still went out and got absolutely soaked! The bright side was I had this very popular, free attraction, pretty much to myself and was able to take pictures of everything. On my last day, a Saturday, I went back and it was a completely different scene! The sun was shining, people were out, the restaurants were packed. Luckily my Airbnb host, Justin, had advised me not to restrict myself to just the walls. He said to explore all of the streets surrounding them and that’s where I would find some pretty cool stuff.

For a little history, the walls opened in 2009 as part of the Wynwood Art District, home to over 70 galleries, museums and collections. Conceived by community revitalizer, the late Tony Goldman, he was looking for something major to transform the warehouse district of Wynwood north of Downtown.

His idea? Using Wynwood’s warehouse buildings as giant canvases showcasing great street art and graffiti. It’s amazing to see the work of artists from around the world, including 50 artists and 16 countries, covering over 80,000 square feet of walls. Goldman started with six separate buildings in the 25th-26th Street area.

In 2010, Goldman added the Wynwood Doors, created to feature smaller artists. He also expanded to create murals covering entire buildings outside of the neighborhood called Outside the Walls.

You only need a few hours to cover the entirety of the walls and the surrounding streets. Also, every second Saturday of each month, a community-wide art walk is held. Galleries, art studios, alternative spaces and showrooms open their doors to the public for art, music and refreshments. Art Basel is a popular draw as well and is held each December.

Please enjoy some of my favorite pictures!




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Artist: FAFI


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Artist: AIKO

JPEG image-53FD197558BC-1

Artist: HOW & NOSM

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Artist: RETNA

JPEG image-70932EE0A449-1

Artist: MISS VAN

JPEG image-7BDA09A04CB5-1

Artist: SWOON

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JPEG image-9CA597782129-1

Restaurant on site


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Artist: CASE

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JPEG image-846C51F41026-1


JPEG image-4FCC98B02CF5-1

Artist: DA LEAST

JPEG image-A4BA0AFEEA96-1

Artist: GAIA

JPEG image-2490D41DD2A0-1

Artist: VHILS

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To escape from the rain, I decided to grab lunch at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar inside the Wynwood Walls. I ordered the fresh guacamole and braised short ribs. The ribs just melted in my mouth! Such a great comfort food meal to warm me up. I loved that the restaurant was connected to the walls so I could monitor the weather and head back out when the rain stopped.

Outside of Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

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Inside Artist: FAILE / BÄST

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JPEG image-A2F5E3334EF9-1

JPEG image-43A61751075B-1


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JPEG image-C678EEE55728-1JPEG image-AD34EB5DE15E-1

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Another major area near Wynwood that you’ll want to check out is The Design District. I headed over there on my last day for lunch at MC Kitchen and to window shop at the ultra luxurious high-end shops. Some favorite stores that I saw were Hermes, Lanvin, Tom Ford, Fendi and Maison Margiela. The large Hermes store recently opened in November 2015 and is one of 3 U.S. flagship stores. Although I liked the area, I much preferred the Bal Harbor Shops, which I visited on my second day in Miami.

JPEG image-FFE9148BF1E1-1 JPEG image-FBE420A53642-1 JPEG image-FBA6BEA9E904-1 JPEG image-8ED614E22D78-1

JPEG image-0F6919819BBF-1JPEG image-55F1A1CD22A9-1

JPEG image-BFC923A84A04-1JPEG image-A199F01C8DDF-1

I really do believe this is the perfect time if you want to visit Wynwood and the walls. It’s popular, but not crazy packed. It’s cool and trendy but still somewhat unknown. It’s gritty enough that it hasn’t lost it’s edge. To read more inside scoop about a local living in Wynwood, and my first Airbnb experience, click here.

Wynwood Walls Address:

2520 NW 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33127

Design District Address:

3841 NE 2nd Ave #400

Miami, FL 33137


Living with soul,

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