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It was a cold night in December when my friend Nessie and I went to Cedar Street Courtyard in downtown Austin. We were excited to see the 80’s cover band The Spazmatics perform and it was our first night out together in her new city. Let’s just say we were ready to act like we were 21 again! Our first order of business was getting some drinks. We agreed to fireball shots (to keep us warm of course!) and were just about to take them when something strange happened.



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A man came up to us, said something we couldn’t understand, and stood there with his mouth open. Then he stuck around a little too long. We were trying to be polite when all of the sudden a group nearby started to laugh. They were in on the joke! Turns out they were playing the challenge card game “See What Happens.” This is the card the man had picked!

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The idea started with Greg Kullberg, of Boston, in the early 2000’s. When we met him he was in Austin with some colleagues on a business trip. On his website GGKreations.com, he says “One night while we were out, it came to me. A simple dare to do something with a stranger without them knowing what was up. But in order for it to work, I had to do it first, while letting the group I was with in on the joke.” He’s been carefully creating, executing and refining every single challenge and card since, and just released them for purchase. At $15, I think it’s well worth it, and have already bought 2 sets!

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Here’s a brief description of how “See What Happens” works using the WALRUS (Willing, Approachable-Looking Random Unaware Stranger) method.

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After the random guy approached us then it was our turn to pick a card. Mine was “Play Dead On The Ground.” I’d say it’s pretty out of my character to do something like this, especially on a bar floor, but I figured why not?! We’re fun girls and like the website says “It’s the most fun you’ll ever have out in public.”


I guess this guy had the same card!

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Nessie’s card said “Convince Someone To Smell Your Fingers” The girl she approached was surprisingly a really great sport and the game kept going. We all had a good laugh and it really lightened the mood for the rest of the evening right from the beginning. I’d definitely say it goes down as one of the best nights out I’ve had in a LONG time!!

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Greg has generously offered my Soul Flutter readers 10% off the cards, with the code SOULFLUTTER, through the end of April. These cards would be great for bachelor & bachelorette parties, man/girl trips, parties, and random nights out. It’s a great gift too, in fact I bought a set for Nessie for her birthday! We may not all be in our 20’s anymore but it’s still fun to go out every once in awhile and pretend like we are! You only live once. Branch out of your comfort zone, talk to people outside of your group, and make lasting memories! Click here to purchase!

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Living with Soul,

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